Successful completion of the 5G Global Conference

We are back from two successful days in Berlin at the 5G Global Conference. Around 120 people in total attended during the two days. In addition to all the talks from interesting speakers we also got the chance to mingle and discuss what we should do now to bring 5G closer to reality.

“After close to two years of hard work in METIS I’m happy to see all of the many promising results from our research together with the strong consensus in the industry around what 5G should be.” says the Project Coordinator. Two years ago 5G did not exist; we talked about “future mobile systems”. Today 5G is an established concept and we in METIS helped to bring that on.

It is also good to see that there is a good alignment in the industry. In many presentations there was a slide about 5G requirements and usage scenarios and that slide had a very similar message regardless of who was presenting it. This is very good, it shows that we agree on that the machine type communications (massive and reliable) will be important in addition to the evolution of mobile broadband.

That we have moved beyond concept and scenario slides by now is apparent. There were many very interesting presentations on technologies that we will need in the future. Some examples include Multi antenna techniques, mmWave technologies, new architecture and signaling concepts supporting localized traffic and new tools for sharing spectrum.