Final METIS-all meeting #10, March 10-12, 2015, Turin, Italy

The last METIS-all meeting was held on March 10-12, 2015 in Turin and was hosted by Telecom Italia.

To a large extent the meeting was dedicated to presenting of the project’s results so far. WP2 (Radio Link Concepts), WP3 (Multi-node/Multi-antenna Transmissions), WP4 (Multi-RAT/Multi-Layer Networks), and WP5 (Spectrum) spent the first day on deeper technical presentations on selected topics. Overviews of the main project outcomes were also presented.

WP1 (Scenarios, Requirement & Key Performance Indicators), WP5 (Spectrum), WP6 (System Design and Performance) and WP7 (Dissemination, Standardisation and Regulations) were also working on finalizing the last deliverables.

During the meeting, Telecom Bretagne showed the FBMC demonstrator in Telecom Italia’s Innovation Lab as well as Aalto showed the D2D demo. Photos can be found at