Below are listed the METIS public deliverables placed in the order of their delivery month.

Del. NoDeliverable TitleDelivery Date
D8.1Project website: Ensure that the project external web-site is up and running 30-11-2012
D7.1Exploitation and dissemination plan for academic research31-01-2013
D1.1Scenarios, requirements and KPIs for 5G mobile and wireless system30-04-2013
D8.3METIS project presentation30-04-2013
D3.1Positioning of multi-node/multi-antenna transmission technologies31-07-2013
D2.1Requirements and general design principles for new air interface31-08-2013
D5.1Intermediate description of the spectrum needs and usage principles31-08-2013
D4.1Summary on preliminary trade-off investigations and first set of potential network-level solutions30-10-2013
D2.2Novel radio link concepts and state of the art analysis30-10-2013
D6.1Simulation guidelines30-10-2013
D6.2Initial report on horizontal topics, first results and 5G system concept [slides]31-03-2014
D1.2Initial channel models based on measurements [slides]30-04-2014
D2.3Components of a new air interface - building blocks and performance [slides]30-04-2014
D3.2First performance results for multi-node/multi-antenna transmission technologies [slides]30-04-2014
D6.3Intermediate system evaluation results31-07-2014
D4.2Final report on trade-off investigations [slides]31-08-2014
D5.3Description of the spectrum needs and usage principles [slides]31-08-2014
D6.4Final report on architecture [slides]31-01-2015
D1.4METIS channel models  [slides]28-02-2015
D2.4Proposed solutions for new radio access [slides]28-02-2015
D3.3Final performance results and consolidated view on the most promising multi-node/multi-antenna transmission technologies [slides]28-02-2015
D4.3Final report on network-level solutions [slides]28-02-2015
D6.5Report on simulation results and evaluations [slides]28-02-2015
D7.3Final report on Academic exploitation and dissemination [slides]28-02-2015
D1.5Updated scenarios, requirements and KPIs for 5G mobile and wireless system with recommendations for future investigations [slides]30-04-2015
D5.4Future spectrum system concept [slides]30-04-2015
D6.6Final report on the METIS system concept and technology roadmap [slides]30-04-2015
D1.3Test-bed/demonstration result [slides]30-04-2015
D8.4METIS final project report [slides]30-04-2015