Deliverables on “Intermediate system evaluation results”, “Final report on trade-off investigations” and “Description of the spectrum needs and usage principles”

METIS deliverables D6.3 on "Intermediate system evaluation results", D4.2 on " Final report on trade-off investigations " and D5.3 on "Description of the spectrum needs and usage principles" are now available at 

In D6.3 an updated view on the overall METIS 5G system concept is presented. Thereafter, simulation results for the most promising technology components supporting the METIS 5G system concept are reported.

D4.2 provides vital findings about several trade-offs that need to be leveraged when designing future network-level solutions. In more detail, it elaborates on the following trade-offs:

• Complexity vs. Performance improvement
• Centralized vs. Decentralized
• Long time-scale vs. Short time-scale
• Information Interflow vs. Throughput/Mobility enhancement
• Energy Efficiency vs. Network Coverage and Capacity.

Outlining the advantages and disadvantages in each trade-off, this document serves as a guideline for the application of different network-level solutions in different situations and therefore greatly assists in the design of future communication network architectures.

D5.3 explains the expected spectrum scenarios, the resulting spectrum needs, methodology for evaluating this, suitable spectrum bands to address the needs, principles for using them and KPIs to evaluate potential technical solutions, and the technology components. The deliverable further contains the techno economic analysis of expected spectrum usage for future 5G systems. The foreseen functional architecture of spectrum usage for 5G systems is described, and the related Technical Components are linked with the KPIs that will enable their evaluation.