D6.4 on “Final report on architecture”

METIS deliverable D6.4 on “Final report on architecture” was completed at the end of January 2015 and is now available at https://www.metis2020.com/documents/deliverables/

D6.4 provides a summary of the architecture development work done in METIS. 

The overall purpose of METIS is to develop a 5G system concept to fulfill the requirements of the beyond-2020 connected information society and to extend today’s wireless communication systems for new usage scenarios. This deliverable describes an overall 5G architecture that integrates Horizontal Topic (HT) concepts for Direct Device-to-Device Communication (D2D), Massive Machine Communication (MMC), Moving Networks (MN), Ultra-Dense Networks (UDN) and Ultra-Reliable Communication (URC). 

In order to provide a complete story, METIS provides a) a functional architecture that is based on alignment of the HT concepts by identification of needed functionalities and functional decomposition of most relevant technology components developed by METIS technical work packages, b) a logical orchestration & control architecture that shows how flexibility, scalability, and service orientation can be realized in order to setup and implement the network functions, and c) a topological and deployment architecture that reveals deployment aspects and function placement options. 

This multi-facial METIS architecture is the result of an extensive top-down and bottom-up analysis considering METIS requirements, technology components, evaluation results and architectural trends. Novel 5G architecture features are elaborated, and different architecture options are investigated and assessed.