Project Rationale

Societal development will lead to changes in the way mobile and wireless communication systems are used. Essential services such as e-banking, e-learning and e-health will continue to proliferate and become more mobile. On-demand information and entertainment will be delivered over mobile and wireless communication systems. The wirelessly connected Internet of Things will make our everyday life more efficient, comfortable and safer. The applications include areas as automotive and public transportation, public safety and emergency services, transport and logistics, medical solutions and industrial systems. Mobile and wireless communication systems beyond 2020 will have to respond to the increase in traffic volume, by increasing capacity and by improving efficiency in energy, cost and spectrum utilisation. Further, the numbers of devices and varieties of use cases and requirements will necessitate mobile and wireless communication solutions with significantly increased versatility and improved scalability. Societal challenges concerning sustainability, socio-economic development and economic growth must also be addressed.

Disclaimer: Some of the icons used in the above illustration are owned by Ericsson . They will be later removed and replaced by METIS specific icons.